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Thrust Washer Set (EngineTech TW1516) 86-11

C$16.27 C$9.75

Fits :

    Acura  D16A1, B17A1, D17A2, B18C1, B18C5, K20Z1, K20Z3, G25A1, G25A4

    Honda  D16A6, D16Z6, B16A2, B16A3, D17A1, D17A2,

                 B20A2, B20A5, B20B4, B20Z2, K20Z3, B21A1, H22A4

Includes :

  • 2 Thrust Washers
  • EngineTech Packages  King Bearings  TW140AM
  • Equiv. to Clevite  TW473S
  • ACL  1T1957  May Be Substituted
  • Picture is Accurate